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Why Mallorca is the best place to live in the world
Publiziert am 12.05.2017

PALMA de Mallorca has recently been voted ‘The Best Place to Live in the World’ by the Financial Times and sits in the top 3 of Conde Naste Magazine´s recent survey.
With a picturesque and historic old city, beaches within walking distance, a friendly and easy-going community, an affordable cost of living and a great climate with 300 days of sunshine – it has everything one could possibly want for a relatively small and unassuming Mediterranean island.
The city of Palma is a

lso only a short drive (10 minutes) from the airport, with plenty of cheap flights to mainland Europe and the UK (LGW just over 2 hours) making it easily commutable.
But that´s only part of the story…

Recently awarded the honour of becoming a World Heritage Site, Mallorca has beautiful mountains, a flat and fertile wine producing region in the interior and a beautiful and varied coastline that stretches for 550km.
Ancient culture and rich traditions, festivities, and a wide array of entertainment, intertwine with Michelin acclaimed gastronomy, fine wines and an assured status as a European centre for the yachting industry, among a multitude of other exciting outdoor activities.
As an island, Mallorca offers a safe environment with very low serious crime rates.

Real estate may typically be more expensive than the mainland, but it is also more exclusive and generally a better investment, with low supply and high demand underwriting property values and currently driving prices up.
Its solid position as a high end holiday destination affords the island immediate status for high rental potential through consistent demand with its growing profile attracting a steady stream of new buyers to a second home in the sun.
So if you’re looking for your own slice of paradise, look no further than Mallorca.

Why Mallorca?
• A mild climate with 300 days of sunshine and the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle.
• Excellent direct flight connections to mainland Europe
• Offering all the facilities and activities of a holiday resort, but also a beautiful, genuinely cosmopolitan and fully functional city with historic old town hosting year round cultural attractions.
• Mallorca is deemed safe compared to many other destinations, with strong policing (4 different types of police including the Spanish Royal guard, the Guardia Civil) and low serious crime rates.
• Excellent infrastructure including roads, airport and communications
• Not over-developed – with strong planning and construction control.
• A multi-cultural international community.
• A beautiful and varied landscape with fantastic beaches, mountains, rolling hills and flatlands.
• Excellent local and international schools.
• Economic maturity (the Balearic Islands boast the highest number of companies per resident in Spain)
• Excellent leisure activities and facilities, including shopping, music, cuisine, land and watersports.
• Stabilising property prices post recession.

Source: http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2017/05/02/mallorca-best-place-live-world/

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas to open first resort and spa in Ibiza
Publiziert am 12.05.2017

The new resort and spa comprising 134 guest rooms on a 25 acre site will open in Cala Xarraca Bay in 2020
2020 - Tucked away on the peaceful northern tip of Ibiza is crystalline Cala Xarraca Bay. Located just 30 minutes from the airport, this is the inspiring setting for Six Senses Ibiza, the newest addition to the portfolio of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas. With its unobstructed westerly sunset views, dramatic rocky beach and picturesque seafront with yacht access, this full-service res

ort, spa and residential community dances to the beat of a new mantra: transformative wellness to nourish the body, mind and soul.

Chief Executive Officer of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Neil Jacobs says: “We’re very excited to open our first resort, spa and residential project in Ibiza, a project that celebrates wellness, sustainability and community spirit. This third European property complements our sister resort in Portugal’s Douro Valley, residential project in Courchevel, France and seven fabulous spas in France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.”

Six Senses has signed a management agreement with Beach Box Ibiza S.L. to open the resort in 2020 as a benchmark in innovative design, unique entertainment concepts and eclectic dining experiences. “We could not be more pleased to work with Beach Box Ibiza on this truly creative project,” said Jacobs.

Six Senses Ibiza will offer 134 guest accommodations across a 25-acre (10-hectare) site including fully appointed Townhouse Suites, Deluxe Pool Suites with private decks, Beach Cave Suites and two extraordinary six-bedroom Mansions. Available for a handful of residential buyers are nine captivating private villas located above the resort with expansive sunset views. Every aspect of the property’s physical design will facilitate the feeling of community and the activities and amenities offered to guests will focus on learning and experience.

According to Jonathan Leitersdorf of Beach Box Ibiza S.L., the visionary behind the design and the development of the project:

“Our vision is to capture the authentic Ibiza experience of community, spirituality and celebration to be delivered with top service, organic food and beverage, and luxurious accommodations for our guests. It is the first full-service hospitality experience with rich amenities not yet offered on the island. Partnering with a world-class operator such as Six Senses, together we will deliver a resort and residential community for all ages, while promoting the importance of sustainability and healthy living.”

The refreshingly fun and quirky attitude of Six Senses, with its focus on wellness, sustainability and uncompromising guest experiences, comes to life in a vision that encompasses:

SPIRITUALITY AND WELLNESS – a one-of-a kind spiritual learning center with an innovative approach to optimizing health which includes fitness, nutrition, education, yoga, sleep, mindfulness and more. Guests select how far they want to go in pioneering their health and wellness practices. A place to enjoy, explore, learn and recharge.

ORGANIC – local, organic, unmodified and unprocessed food experience. The organic offering continues with the cotton of the sheets and towels as well as the amenities kits and uniquely designed apparel.

MUSIC AND FESTIVALS – the pulse of the community for musicians, music lovers and multi-cultural music creation. Pro bono and sponsored programs, festivals, projects and guitar atelier. Annually curated showcase of music performances; wellness festivals for celebrating through yoga, meditation, great food, sports and nature.

SPA – the only Six Senses Spa on the island of Ibiza which will specialize in a rich array of treatments and techniques from all over the world.

DIGITAL CONTENT – strong digital presence leveraging content created onsite and broadcasted like TED but spiritual (TES).

CHARITABLE – providing our venues and services for local projects such as sharing food with local shelters and donating a portion of our profits locally.

And now let’s eat … As with all of Six Senses properties, destination dining is a memorable experience. Here, there is a social twist. Long communal dining tables will offer local produce and intermingling at The Market, open 24/7. The poolside offers a raw food organic bar with accompanying cocktails and organic beer. The tapas and barbecue seafood terrace of El Chiringuito sets a decidedly chill mood with live acoustic guitar and late night DJ.

Direct from farm to fork … A popup restaurant in the resort’s organic farm will also offer cooking lessons. Private dining will also be offered in suites as they all feature decks or private gardens. As with every Six Senses resort, an ice cream shop will offer a spectrum of homemade chilled treats, juices and smoothies with a booster supplement menu. The difference at Six Senses Ibiza will be that the ice cream shop has wheels and is based on a traditional street vendor’s cart.

Take time to reconnect … With its spiritual vibe and beautiful design, Six Senses Spa Ibiza offers a full range of treatment rooms, a communal treatment lounge and an oxygen bar. The spa and wellness facility houses a spa café and juice bar, yoga and changing facilities and an extensive fitness center, and features an anti-aging clinic, nutrition guidance and modern healing methods. Outdoors there are massage catacombs, a Watsu pool, a labyrinth plus direct access to the organic gardens where ingredients for the spa botanicals and dining outlets are grown. In addition to the team of skilled therapists, an ongoing program of visiting practitioners ensures guests are the first to experience the latest teachings and programs.

Source: https://www.incentivetravel.co.uk/news/hotel/39120-six-senses-hotels-resorts-spas-to-open-first-resort-and-spa-in-ibiza

Two holiday homes are better than one: why the super-rich buy property in pairs
Publiziert am 12.05.2017

s the first hint of autumn chill sets in, thoughts naturally turn to where next to find sun. Not a problem, however, for today’s HNWIs who bought their winter pad along with the summer one they picked up a few months ago.

The idea of buying in pairs to see you through the seasons – popular matches include Mykonos for summer, Gstaad for winter, or Sardinia for your beach-babe months and Chamonix for when you morph into a ski bunny – is becoming increasingly common, particular

ly among wealthy young buyers.

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/property-and-architecture/two-holiday-homes-are-better-than-one-why-the-super-rich-buy-pro/

Grünes Licht für Ferienvermietung in Dörfern
Publiziert am 21.03.2017

Der geplante Gesetzentwurf zur touristischen Ferienvermietung sieht nach Angaben der Balearen-Regierung vor, die Kommunen im Inselinnern von der Pflicht zum Erstellen von Mietzonen zu befreien. Die Rathäuser müssen also keine Pläne ausarbeiten, die festlegen, wo Urlauber Wohnungen in Mehrfamilienhäusern bei Privatbesitzern mieten dürfen oder nicht. Somit soll die private Ferienvermietung in Dörfern wie Sineu, Petra, Sencelles, Montuïri, Algaida oder Sant Joan vollständig freigegeben werd


"Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass damit jede Immobilie vermietet werden kann", sagte der balearische Tourismusminister Biel Barceló gegenüber der spanischen MM-Schwesterzeitung Ultima Hora. Es gebe eine Reihe von Qualitäts- und Verwaltungskriterien, die die Zahl der mietbaren Immobilien einschränken. So seien etwa die Zugänglichkeit der Unterkünfte, ihre Energieeffizienz und ihre legale Situation maßgeblich.

Nach Barcelós Worten will der Gesetzgeber mit der Freigabe die lokale Wirtschaft in den Inseldörfern ankurbeln. Dort seien viele leerstehende Immobilien zu finden, die für Vermietungen an Urlauber in Frage kommen könnten. Anders als in den Küstenorten und Großstädten gebe es dort auch keinen überhitzten Mietmarkt, der durch Vorgaben reguliert werden müsste.

In letzteren Kommunen müssen Zonen geschaffen werden, die festlegen, wo genau eine touristische Ferienvermietung in Mehrfamilienhäusern erlaubt wird und wo nicht. Hier müssen die Rathäuser gemeinsam mit dem Inselrat die Zonen festlegen. Für Palma ist lediglich die Stadtverwaltung zuständig.

Das Balearen-Kabinett will den Gesetzentwurf noch vor Ostern im Parlament einbringen. Dort soll die Novelle dann im Schnellverfahren bis spätestens Juli verabschiedet werden. Sobald das Gesetz in Kraft ist, können die Kommunen ihre Zonen festlegen.

Quelle: mallorcamagazin.com

Palma sagt "nein" zu privater Ferienvermietung
Publiziert am 10.03.2017

Mit einer groß angelegten Unterschriften-Sammel-Aktion wollen Palmas Nachbarschaftsverbände verhindern, dass in Mehrfamilienhäusern der Inselhauptstadt Wohnungen oder Zimmer an private Feriengäste vermietet werden. Diese Art von Unternehmung schade der gewachsenen Struktur des städtischen Zusammenlebens und führe zu einer Gentrifizierung, wie es schon in anderen Städten zu beobachten sei, sagte Joan Forteza, Vorsitzender des Verbandes der Nachbarschaftsvereine Palmas. Auch der traditionel

le Kleinhandel würde von diesem Strukturwandel negativ betroffen sein.

Ziel der Aktion ist es laut Forteza, bis Ende März 5.000 Unterschriften für ein Verbot dieser Art von touristischer Vermietung zu sammeln, die dann sowohl der Balearen-Regierung als auch dem Rathaus von Palma vorgelegt werden sollen. An jedem der kommenden Samstage bis Ende März - sollte es notwendig sein, auch noch im April - werden an drei strategischen Punkten der Stadt von 10 bis 14 Uhr Stände zur Sammlung der Unterschriften aufgebaut: Am Platz vor der Metrostation "Intermodal" gegenüber der Plaça d'Espanya, auf der Plaça de l'Olivar sowie in der Calle Sindicato Ecke Porta de Sant Antoni.

Besonders in Stadtteilen wie Es Jonquet, El Terreno oder El Molinar machten sich die privaten Vermietungen laut Forteza bereits bemerkbar. Hier würde nur noch im "nordischen" Stil renoviert.

Quelle: Mallorcamagazin.com

Von 6000 Ferienunterkünften sind nur 302 registriert
Publiziert am 06.03.2017

Rund 6000 Wohnungen und Häuser werden in Palma de Mallorca über die einschlägig bekannten Internetportale als Ferienunterkunft angeboten. Davon sind nur 302 offiziell registriert. Das ist die Zahl die beim balearischen Tourismusministerium vorliegt.

Hintergrund: Bei den meisten Unterkünften handelt es sich um Wohnungen in Mehrfamilienhäusern. Und deren touristische Vermietung ist laut Tourismusgesetz untersagt.

Die Vermietung von Wohnungen an Urlauber hat in Pa

lma, wie auch in anderen Regionen Mallorcas, in den vergangenen Jahren stark zugenommen. Diese Praxis ist ein Streitpunkt in Öffentlichkeit und Politik. Das Tourismusgesetz wurde überarbeitet, die Neuregelungen sind aber noch nicht beschlossen. Unter anderem ist vorgesehen, dass in Mehrfamilienhäusern die Nachbarn mitentscheiden, ob ein Eigentümer seine Wohnung an Feriengäste vermieten darf.

Die Befürworter der touristischen Vermietung argumentieren damit, dass diese Urlaubsvariante immer gefragter ist und die Vermietungen der lokalen Wirtschaft gut tun. Die Gegner sehen oftmals durch die unterschiedlichen Interessen der Touristen den Hausfrieden gestört. Hinzu kommt, dass inzwischen so viele Wohnungen von Urlaubern genutzt werden, dass es für Dauermieter in bestimmten Zonen Palmas, zum Beispiel an der Playa de Palma, kaum noch erschwinglichen Wohnraum gibt.

Quelle: https://mallorcamagazin.com

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